AI warnings, Figma’s AI features, avoiding feature flops

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“There are many out there, but these five folks are having tough conversations with the government, big tech, and other technologists. They are bringing to light the issues that are starting to unfold with social media, generative AI, and LLMs and trying to change the script of how we design moving forward more ethically for a brighter future.”

AI ethicists are speaking out, but are we listening?
By Beth J

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Make me think

  • The interfaces with which we think
    “Our software interfaces are fiercely rigid; they can’t be meaningfully nudged — in big ways or small — to more closely reflect our mental models or meet our individual needs. We can’t modify the interfaces which render our things, and we can’t bring things together to reflect our thinking.”
  • AI doesn’t have to be horrible
    “I’m skeptical of AI. Less because of the tech and more because of those ushering it into the world. Behind the bluster and marketing-hallucinations is something that could provide value. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear headed in that direction.”
  • Design as thought: AI and the future
    “The architect Peter Zumthor says that, as an architect, he’s been working with the concept of space his whole life, and yet (or perhaps for that very reason) he’s increasingly unsure about what space actually is. I have the same issue with form as a general notion. If I resist that peculiar sense of exasperation, I’d say that I understand form as an interface.”

Little gems this week

Don’t be fooled by Figma’s new AI features
By Raff Di Meo

How to get answers quickly and avoid features that flop
By Rosie Hoggmascall

Paint-by-numbers: the digitisation of color
By Neel Dozome

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