What can UX Researchers learn from YouTube’s success with Gen Z?

Data shows that teenagers are obsessed with YouTube, and they’re not alone. For UX researchers of the future, the platform’s success shows…

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“If we’re being honest with ourselves, the transformative new era hasn’t been so transformative yet. We were given the ‘most profound technology since fire,’ and companies have used it to make fake candles.

The next stage of this argument is to tackle a thornier problem: AI is seen as a loose-leaf solution rather than a new paradigm of user experience. We know that the value of UX comes from understanding a user’s entire journey and holistically supporting them along the way; yet, AI is being tacked onto today’s experiences to solve micro user needs instead of transforming from end-to-end.”

The agentic era of UX
By Alex Klein

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Lessons learned when you reach 40, by Frank Chimero →

Make me think

  • We need to rewild the internet
    “Our online spaces are not ecosystems, though tech firms love that word. They’re plantations; highly concentrated and controlled environments, closer kin to the industrial farming of the cattle feedlot or battery chicken farms that madden the creatures trapped within.”
  • AI at work is here. Now comes the hard part
    “Despite fears of job loss, leaders report a talent shortage for key roles. And as more employees eye a career move, managers say AI aptitude could rival experience. For many employees, AI will raise the bar but break the career ceiling.”
  • The man who killed Google Search
    “Under Raghavan, Google has become less reliable, less transparent, and is dominated by search engine optimized aggregators, advertising, and outright spam.”

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How to help users spot AI-powered features
By Tetiana Sydorenko

Curb-cut effect in practice
By Takuma Kakehi

How all-you-can-eat buffets are designed
By Elvis Hsiao

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