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“Just like so many times lately, I had turned my camera off, even though it was the department meeting with all my design peers and leaders. It was unusual for someone to turn off their camera during this call but I was burned out, had developed a social anxiety, and just couldn’t bring myself to show my face, let alone speak.

‘Where did it all go so wrong?’, I was thinking.”

How my dream design job turned into a nightmare
By Matej Latin

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  • There are no original ideas. But…
    “Mark Twain is believed to have said ‘There is no such thing as an original idea.’ The implication is that, as a species, we are constantly building on what came before us: inspired and driven by what we’ve seen and experienced. Personally, I like to phrase a similar sentiment as ‘There are no original ideas. But there are original executions.”
  • How we make sense of time
    “Ask English speakers about the difference between yesterday and tomorrow, and they might thrust a hand over the shoulder when referring to the past and then forward when referring to the future. Such unreflective movements reveal a fundamental way of thinking in which the past is at our backs, something that we ‘leave behind,’ and the future is in front of us, something to ‘look forward’ to.”
  • All parasites have value
    “We judge our own productivity, our hustle, and even our ambition as if they indicate our value to society. We try to keep making at all costs for fear that we might be mistaken for taking.”

Little gems this week

Makeup, body paint, tattoos, and your Instagram filters
By Olesia Vdovenko

Creativity lies in the paradoxes
By Ida Persson

Age diversity in design: lessons from Thor to Masako and beyond
By Darren Yeo

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