The features investors want are not the ones your users need

Why UX should care about the business… but not too much.

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“I do not blindly trust efficiency. Countless sacrifices have been made in the name of “Efficiency,” but our rush to gain more is often futile. Somehow, we always figure out how to max out new capabilities of our more efficient technological reality in a constant cycle of optimism, exuberance and ultimate limitation.”

Hey AI, what is the rush?
By Luis Berumen Castro

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  • Thoughts on a global design system
    “Isn’t every open-source design system a “global design system”? Aren’t the people making them trying to make them as useful as possible for as many people as possible? If that’s right, and thus they have failed, why did they fail? What are they doing that doesn’t map to the philosophy of a global design system?”
  • Software is beating the world
    “At the time, Andreessen’s “Software is eating the world” was lauded as revolutionary, in part because it successfully framed how software was invading most of our lives, and in part because it was a very long and thoughtful piece about technology at a time when the tech industry had very little scrutiny.”
  • The friendship problem
    “A lot of people I speak to — people who live in cities, and haven’t moved away from their networks, people who don’t stay indoors after 6pm — are not happy with the state of their social lives.”

Little gems this week

Key takeaways from Airbnb’s winter redesign
By Daniel de Mello

How ecomm subscription services are breaking all the UX rules
By Beth J1

UI elements are not so elementary
By Erez Reznikov

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