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“The UX profession has an aura of empathy and care for the people who use tech products. Businesses capitalize on this aura without having to entertain it.

Goodness in a product’s design tends to make more sense as a convenient side-effect of a business case. For Twitter, crowd-sourced image descriptions written for free can make a nice data set to sell for machine learning.

If we look at industry-wide examples we can see how intrinsic care replaced with business incentives leads to low-quality black-and-white photocopies of the original ideas. Everything becomes optimized to meet business requirements and any surviving sense of care that remains is there by chance.”

The fake aura of care in UX
By Stephen Farrugia

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This designer created a playable Flappy Bird using Figma variables

Make me think

  • How AI can make software more intuitive
    “AI is used as a link between the user’s mental model and the product’s conceptual model. Where previously gaps between the two models forced people to adapt to the product’s UI and/or suffer using it, AI now allows us to overcome it more easily.”
  • AI is killing the old web, and the new web struggles to be born
    “Generative AI models are changing the economy of the web, making it cheaper to generate lower-quality content. We’re just beginning to see the effects of these changes.”
  • Humility: an essential value
    “Humility, a designer’s essential value — that has a nice ring to it. When humility is our guiding light, the path is always open for fulfillment, evolution, connection, and engagement.”

Little gems this week

The big problem with variables in Figma
By Paavan

Write more, design less (and better)
By Calo Amico

Why do people save their empty Apple boxes?
By Elvis Hsiao

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